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In the footsteps of Marie Curie

Publié le November 3, 2021
To mark the centenary of Marie Curie’s trip to the United States in 1921, we are delighted to invite you to take part in our memorial and scientific time “In the footsteps of Marie Curie“.


All you need to know...

WHAT: In the footsteps of Marie Curie

WHEN: Monday, November 8 , 2021 – 10am - 5pm

WHERE: La Maison Française – Embassy of France – 4101 Reservoir Rd NW, 20007, Washington, D.C.


RESERVATION: If you are interested to participate, please contact Leah Namoune :

INFOS: Registration and valid ID required. Masks and vaccination certificate required. No parking inside the embassy. No large bags, helmets and suitcase.

Marie Curie’s first trip to the United States was an exceptional international event, and we wish to honor it for the centenary of the foundation.

This connection between Marie Curie and the United States exists thanks to an American Journalist - Mary Mattingly Meloney - who secured an interview with Marie Curie in 1920. To her question, “If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?” Marie Curie quickly replied, “I would wish for a gram of radium to facilitate my research (...) But radium is too expensive.”

Mary Mattingly Meloney, a feminist figure at a time when American women had just obtained the right to vote, then appealed to the generosity of the public, asking them to donate to the Marie Curie Radium Fund. She was successful in raising $100,000 to buy a gram of radium. Marie Curie accepted these American women’s’ invitation to come to the United States to receive her gram of radium.

Marie Curie and her daughters arrived in New York in May 1921 and were welcomed by the press. They then spent seven weeks traveling in the United States. The highlight of their trip was an impressive White House ceremony organized to welcome Marie Curie. President Harding presented her with a pendant in the shape of a gold key that opened the box containing the gram of radium.

“In memory of this major event in the history of science, we wanted to go “In the footsteps of Marie Curie” with an unprecedented and historic meeting between the descendants of Marie Curie and the descendants of Mary Mattingly Meloney. A meeting to honor the American generosity that made 100 years of innovation against cancer possible”.

Message to attendees :

This event has a limited capacity and masks are required inside.
To ensure maximum safety for all our guests, proof of vaccination will be required for entry. Please remember to bring an ID for the check-in.