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Official speeches and statements - September 15, 2022

Publié le September 15, 2022

1. United Nations - Sudan - UNITAMS - Speech by Ms. Isis Jaraud-Darnault, Political coordinator of the Permanent mission of France to the United Nations, to the Security Council (New York - September 13, 2022)

[translation from French]

I thank the Special Representative Volker Perthes and Professor Mudawi for their interventions. I also welcome the participation of Sudan in this meeting.

I would like to highlight three points.

First, we regret the political stalemate that has persisted since the coup of October 25, 2021.

We reiterate our call on all parties to identify a way out of the political crisis and to move forward towards the formation of a credible civilian government. We encourage all Sudanese, from civil society and the military, to take part in the dialogue, overcoming their divisions for the former and avoiding to fuel them for the latter. We call on the military not to take any action that would endorse the current impasse. France continues to support the joint facilitation of the United Nations, the African Union and IGAD.

We note the end of the state of emergency and the release of many political prisoners. We also welcome the opening of investigations against those responsible for violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

It remains necessary to put an end to violence against protesters. In this regard, we are concerned by the persistence of the extensive police powers put in place during the state of emergency. We call for the lifting of the immunity of security forces and the preservation of evidence of violence against protesters. Furthermore, the rights of defense of those who remain detained must be respected.

Second, political instability continues to worsen the security, economic and humanitarian situation.

The absence of legitimate authorities and of a positive outlook on the peace process are aggravating the security situation in the peripheries, in Darfur, but also in the Blue Nile region, which has been facing major clashes since July. We welcome the integration of 2,000 combatants into the joint force. We also note the information shared by Sudan on the implementation of the national plan for the protection of civilians. It is urgent that the authorities accelerate the deployment of the joint force and the reintegration of combatants.

In light of the deteriorating economic and humanitarian situation, both France and the European Union remain committed to helping the Sudanese people. Sudan is one of the main countries affected by the worsening food insecurity caused by the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The European Union has allocated €41 million to Sudan to address this situation and will increase this amount to €189 million by the end of the year. European humanitarian assistance is of course being maintained, up to €69 million at this stage in 2022. Finally, the European Union is continuing its stabilization projects in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, in partnership with the United Nations, to the amount of €15.75 million.

Third, we welcome Sudan’s efforts to contribute to regional stability in a particularly difficult context.

We encourage Sudan to continue to exercise restraint in the border dispute with Ethiopia in the El-Fashaga triangle and to continue its useful role in supporting the transition in Chad and the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement in South Sudan.

Thank you.