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Iran - Release of Nazak Afshar

Publié le August 11, 2009
Paris, August 11, 2009

The President of the Republic was delighted and deeply relieved to learn that Nazak Afshar, an employee of the French Embassy’s cultural service, had been released from prison, where she had been held and where Clotilde Reiss is still being held.

The Head of state, who had had made multiple efforts to this end in recent days, spoke with her by phone as soon as she was released from prison.

The President of the Republic expressed his satisfaction and his warmest wishes. He stressed the dignity with which both Ms. Afshar and Clotilde Reiss had conducted themselves during the proceedings they were forced to attend. He now demands that Clotilde Reiss too be released without delay.

The Head of state wants the Iranian proceedings to conclude as swiftly as possible with Clotilde’s return to France, among her family and loved ones, and an end to the legal actions against Ms. Afshar.

The President of the Republic also wants to express his gratitude to the countries of the European Union as well as other friendly countries, such as Syria, who lent us their support in this initial phase./.

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