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Actions in detail

Publié le August 4, 2011

Renovation of bike parking, accommodating 50 bikes
3 electric bikes are available for the employees
Incentives to use audio and video conference tools
Incentives to use train for short-distance trips
Maps and schedules of public transportation are available for employees and visitors
Booklet “How to get to the Embassy?” is available for visitors

Installation of a Building Automation System to manage technical equipment (lights, boilers, cooling towers, ventilation)
Installation of sensors in shared areas and timers in storage rooms
Replacement of Exit Signs by LEDs
Reduction of hot water temperature by 20°F
Awareness campaigns about energy savings (wattmeter measures, computer and printer setups)
Embassy renovation project: geothermal, green roof and solar thermal currently under study
Purchase of low-carbon electricity

Improvements in waste recycling in offices, cafeteria and during events
Boxes to recycle batteries and cell phones
Institution of a recycling process for IT materials, toners and cartridges
Compost bins for organic waste

Aerators on faucets
Installation of low-flush mechanisms for toilets
Installation of water-free urinals in public restrooms

Internal communications
Publication of a monthly letter: “The Green Embassy Post”
Creation of a Green Embassy brochure

External communications
Green Embassies Forum meetings
News From France article
Green Embassy video

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