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Syria/continuation of the crackdown

Publié le August 9, 2011
Statement by Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Deputy Spokesman
Paris, August 8, 2011

France condemns the continuing large-scale crackdown in Syria which reportedly left some 50 dead yesterday in Deir ez Zor and the Homs area.

This violent crackdown and Saturday’s arrest of Walid al-Bunni, a well-known Syrian democratic opposition figure, lend no credence whatsoever to new announcements by the Syrian authorities on the holding, in the future, of free and transparent elections, which seem to be a new stalling tactic.

France reiterates her deep concern – strongly expressed last week by the United Nations Security Council – over the continuation of large-scale attacks on human rights, with the use of tanks and live ammunition against civilians, arrests and torture. This concern is largely shared by the countries of the region, as witnessed by the recent statements by the Secretary-General of the Arab League and Saudi Arabia’s recalling of her ambassador from Damascus.

The time of impunity for the Syrian authorities is over. The large-scale, bloody crackdown must stop. All those being detained in Syria because of their opinions or actions in support of human rights must be released. A democratic transition reflecting the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people must be implemented./.

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