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Marie Curie Charity Gala

Publié le December 13, 2011
Speech by Ambassador of France, François Delattre
La Maison Française, Washington, December 7, 2011

Institut Curie President,
Cher Professor Huriet,
Dr. Jimmie Holland,
Dear Alan Alda,
Distinguished guests,

It’s a great pleasure for my wife Sophie, for my staff and for me to welcome you all tonight to the “Maison Française” at the French Embassy for this “Marie Curie Charity Gala”.

Our event this evening is very special, as we are celebrating both the centennial of Marie Curie’s second Nobel Prize and the 90th anniversary of her first visit to the United States, during which President Harding gave her this famous gram of radium, paid for by the generosity of American women.

As we all know, the vision and perseverance of that exceptional woman, Marie Curie, built the foundation of cancer treatment today. And the Institut Curie is more than ever at the center of the international fight against cancer.

Curie brings together the most important cancer research facility in France – one that is recognized worldwide for its quality and expertise – and a hospital center that has pioneered many treatments and protocols for breast cancers, pediatric tumors and eye tumors in particular.

So tonight I want to extend my warm welcome – and pay special tribute – to Professor Claude Huriet for his commitment and dedication and to his staff of the Institut Curie.

Today, you are – we are launching together – a major new campaign in the fight against cancer. It consists of providing support to patients and their families at every stage of treatment and even afterwards, helping them to overcome the disease, remain cancer-free in the long term and facilitating their return to normal life.

In this respect, the goal of this campaign, which is totally in line with Marie Curie’s values, is to open a new chapter in the fight against cancer.

And in the same spirit than a century ago, a Women’s Committee was established to achieve this goal. So I want to offer my warmest thanks to its members, most of whom are longtime friends of Sophie’s and mine.

Dear friends, the opening of this campaign could not come at a better time as French-American relations, and this is good news, have never been closer than they are today (…)

In this very favorable context the scientific and academic university cooperation between our two countries is growing stronger every year and in France innovation is today number 1, number 2 and number 3 priority (…)


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The campaign we are launching tonight illustrates the depth and breath of this bond of friendship between our two countries.

It also says a lot about the values that our two Nations share. The values of freedom and democracy for sure, but also the values of human dignity and scientific progress in the service of all that are at the core of who we are.

These are the values that the Institut Curie promotes day after day, in such an exemplary way. And in the troubled times we are going through these values are today more than ever our best tool, our best moral compass, to go forward and to confront together the current challenges we face.

So my warmest thanks again to each and everyone of you and my warmest encouragements to spread the word and make the campaign we are launching today a great success./.

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