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Opening ceremony of the Dassault Systèmes headquaters

Publié le December 14, 2011
Speech by Ambassador François Delattre
Massachusetts, December 8, 2011

Dassault Systèmes Président and CEO Bernard Charlès,

Governor Murray,

Honorable Jeanette McCarthy,

Representative Stanley,

Dear Representative of Senator Brown,

Chers Philippe Forestier, Al Bunshaft, Isabelle Estebe,

Ladies and Gentlemen and distinguished guests,

It is a real honor for the Embassy Economic Counselor Jean-François Boittin, for our Consul General Christophe Guilhou and for me to be here with you on this historic day for Dassault Systèmes.

I attended the opening of the Seattle offices of Dassault Systèmes on October 17… and was truly impressed. But if this company continues to grow so successfully opening a new campus every 2 months, my agenda will be pretty full just with Dassault Systèmes activity!
But seriously, I am extremely proud to witness the great success of Dassault Systèmes worldwide and here in the US in particular. And I am truly amazed to see the long list of prestigious customers, universities and federal agencies to which Dassault Systèmes delivers value – this is the illustration of the uniqueness of this company, its vision and its ability to create the future.

As France’s leading software company and one of the leading technology companies worldwide, Dassault Systèmes also epitomizes the culture of collaboration that brings together the best and the brightest of the scientists, engineers and mathematicians from France and the US, and from many other countries.

All of them share a passion to create the future and work with those who are creating the future. You share this passion
for innovation that is Dassault Systèmes’s trademark.

The result is a company, Dassault Systèmes, whose clients are a who’s-who of the leading companies in the world.

Our event today demonstrates the importance France devotes to developing its relationships with the State of Massachusetts and New England more broadly.

This event could not come at better time, as French-American relations have never been closer than they are today (…).

From an economic perspective, the French-American partnership is very solid and is growing stronger every year. France is one of the top 5 largest foreign investors in the United States, where 4,000 French companies support more than 650,000 jobs.

In New England, where the French community has increased by 50% in the last 10 years, French companies employ over 18 000 people.

Conversely the U.S. is the number one foreign investor in France, and American investment in my country increased by more than 30% last year.

Last but not least, our two countries share a strong common commitment to research and innovation.

In France, this effort is being made on an unprecedented scale, as innovation is today number 1, number 2 and number 3 priority in my country.

To give you just one example, we have put in place 71 competitive clusters that offer companies, universities and public research centers the resources they need to develop collaborative R&D projects.

In the same vein, France is investing 50 billion dollars over a two year-period in research and higher education, as well as in selected strategic industry branches such as biotechnologies, nanotechnology, clean energy technologies and health.

France is one of the world leaders in the current technology revolution, especially in areas such as sustainable development, life sciences and more and more the digital economy.

Innovation goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship, which is just booming in France. Over the last year, 650,000 new businesses have been created in France. It says a lot about the vitality of the French economy and explains why “entrepreneur”… is a French word!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Promoting innovation is at the top of my agenda as Ambassador in this great country – through scientific exchanges, academic and university cooperation and through cross-investment in the high technology sectors.

So today, I feel very proud thanks to all of you.

I would like to congratulate you, Monsieur le Directeur Général for leading such a visionary and successful company.

Thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful project: this achievement is the best example of what France promotes and encourages, …and long live the French-American friendship!

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