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LTG Ronald L. Burgess Awarded the Legion of Honor

Publié le July 23, 2012
Washington, D.C., July 23 2012.

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On July 23, French Ambassador François Delattre bestowed the Legion
of Honor, France’s highest decoration, upon Lieutenant General Ronald Lee Burgess at the Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, D.C.

Ambassador François Delattre congratulates Lieutenant General Ronald Lee Burgess

Lieutenant General Burgess, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency,
was praised by Ambassador Delattre as “a major architect in
intelligence cooperation between France and the U.S.” In his speech,
the Ambassador addressed not only Lieutenant General Burgess’s
personal achievements, but also the crucial friendship between the two
countries, a longstanding bond to which Lieutenant General Burgess has
had an “exemplary commitment.”

The Lieutenant General, “very honored, humbled, and surprised” by the
recognition, will soon return to civilian status, where he said he will be “cheering on” his successors from the sidelines.

Lieutenant General Ronald Lee Burgess after the ceremony

The particular importance of the military aspect of the Franco-American relationship was highlighted by Ambassador Delattre, who reminded that “our two nations owe each other their very existence as free countries.”

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