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Key Environmental Conference Defines France’s Green Policies

Publié le September 12, 2012
Three hundred stakeholders meet with President, Prime Minister September 14-15

The French government organized on September 14 and 15 a stakeholders conference on environmental issues.

Introduced by the President of the French Republic, and concluded by the Prime Minister, this conference gives the opportunity to 300 stakeholders, representing job creators, employees, NGOs, local authorities, administrations and congressmen , to share their views and to work together to draft a roadmap of actions for the following years.

As Highlighted by the President Hollande, the conference aimed a placing the ecology at the center of the new economy France is building. Rather than slowing economic development, initiatives in ecology and the green technologies are leveraging new jobs, and will be the key topics in the competition of tomorrow.

France is already a strong player on marine, geothermic, biomass and solar energies, and worked actively to be a leader on new sectors like electric vehicles, sustainable transportation and sustainable cities.

Among the decisions taken :

- A national debate on the transition toward sustainable energy, considering economy and ecology, will be launched. This debate will prepare the government’s roadmap on energy, starting in 2013

- New fiscal tools to reduce the burden on the workforce, and increase pre-existing measures on pollution

- Closing of our oldest nuclear plant, Fessenheim, by 2016, while pursuing the construction of the new EPR nuclear plant in Flamanville

- Five-year moratorium on the exploration and exploitation of shale gas and nullification of permits, due to the uncertainties on their environmental impact

- Creation of a new agency in charge of biodiversity, to help local authorities to deal with this issue

- New aggressive target of a 120 miles-per-gallon fuel efficiency for all vehicles in 2022

- National effort on energy efficiency, with the target of improving consumption efficiency in 1 million homes per year. This action will reduce our carbon footprint while reducing cost for inhabitants. The consumption reduction and the selling of carbon credit will help finance this action

- New aggressive target for energy efficiency will be proposed at the European level, adding new target of 40 percent reduction of our energy consumption by 2030 and 60 percent by 2040, beyond the 2020 target of 20 percent, which is already in place.

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