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Publié le December 7, 2012
Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic
Paris, December 5, 2012

President Hollande welcomes the agreement reached between France, Germany, Spain and their partners to overhaul the governance of EADS for the benefit of its development.

This new agreement will enable us to guarantee the protection of the French, German and Spanish states’ interests in the group while giving the company the freedom of manoeuvre it needs to pursue its development.

EADS and the parties confirmed the establishment of the group’s operational headquarters in Toulouse and the continued presence of Astrium’s, Airbus’s and Eurocopter’s head offices in France and Cassidian’s in Germany. The company today employs 50,000 people in France.

The agreement increases the protection of strategic national defence interests, through a specific defence agreement between EADS and the French state.

The proposed new mechanisms will come into force after a forthcoming general meeting.

The agreement is an important stage in EADS’ development and illustrates the long-term nature and high quality of the strategic and industrial dialogue between France, Germany and Spain./.