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Embassy Hosts CARE Reception, Affirms French-U.S. NGO Cooperation

Publié le March 7, 2013
Speech by Ambassador François Delattre
Maison Française, March 5, 2013

Dear Dr. Helene Gayle, President and CEO of CARE USA – it’s a privilege to have you with us tonight,

Dear Philippe Lévêque, Head of CARE France,

Members of CARE Board of Directors,

H.E. and Mrs. Rudolph Beking, the Ambassador of the Netherlands,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends,

It’s a great honor and a true pleasure for me to welcome you to the French Embassy’s Maison française and to open with you this wonderful event to which Care has invited us this evening. “Defending dignity, fighting poverty” – that’s the remarkable challenge that Care takes on all around the world, in more than 70 countries in order to help tens of millions of people.

Ambassador François Delattre.

In welcoming you this evening
I want to tell you that my door is always open for you. And this is not a diplomatic word. As Ambassador of France, but also in a personal capacity, I want you to know that I strongly support non-governmental diplomacy and the outstanding work carried out by NGOs, of which you are one of the shining lights: because of your size but mostly because of your philosophy and commitment.

CARE continually humbles us and teaches us the meaning of courage in promoting tolerance, social justice and the fundamental rights of everyone. You also contribute to sustainable development by integrating environmental protection into your development actions. This is one of your trademarks.

The joint commitment that you have undertaken with the WWF is a good illustration of this.

I want to tell you that we fully share your commitment and that we are at your disposal in order to disseminate your ideas on these important topics. This is very much the spirit in which the embassy supports the joint advocacy project that the Care France teams are leading – and I again welcome the presence this evening of our friend Philippe Lévêque, the head of CARE France.

As Ambassador, one of my priorities is to establish partnerships between actors in the philanthropic sectors of our two countries and between NGOs in particular. Let’s pool our efforts and our initiatives. Indeed, this is the aim of the embassy’s Mission for non-governmental cooperation, under the leadership of Irène Serot-Almeras.

Dear friends, that this gathering coincides with International Women’s Day offers me the perfect opportunity to applaud Care’s efforts to champion women’s causes. The scourge of violence against women is the theme of your hard-hitting media campaign aimed at all women whose dignity and rights are still being flouted in today’s world. You can count on France in this fight.

I also want to mention your courageous work in Mali, where France, with the support of its friends—and first and foremost that of the United States—sent troops to prevent the destruction of a State and the massacre of innocent people.

Despite the inherent risks that come with major instability on the ground, Care, true to its principles, decided to help the most vulnerable populations in the regions of Timbukto, Segou and Mopti. Nearly 5,000 people have already received your food aid, and 200,000 Malians should receive assistance within the next six months, at a time when access to water, health care and sanitation are growing challenges.

For all these reasons, CARE deserves our respect, our admiration and our support. This evening, you can be sure that you have all three.