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Signing of the Arms Trade Treaty by France

Publié le June 3, 2013
Statement issued by Mr. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Paris, June 3, 2013

France signed the Arms Trade Treaty today in New York. It welcomes the fact that many other members of the international community, notably within the EU, have taken the same step, once again expressing their support for this text.

The adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty on April 2, by a very large majority, marked the completion of a long negotiation process. By signing this treaty, we begin a new phase: that of the universalization and the implementation of the treaty. France looks forward to the swift entry into force of the Arms Trade Treaty, which is a major step forward for human rights, humanitarian law and international stability.

France highlights the important work carried out with all our partners, as well as with members of civil society. It would like to continue this cooperation in order to implement the treaty.