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Launch of TV5Monde Cinema on Demand

Publié le October 1, 2013
Speech by Ambassador François Delattre
September 20, 2013

Monsieur le Directeur Général - It’s a privilege to have TV5 Monde President Yves Bigot with us tonight,

Dear Vice-President Mendiola, from Comcast, whom I also want to warmly thank.

Ambassador Savadogo, Ambassador Representative of “La Francophonie” to the United Nations,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends,

I am so glad to be here with you tonight alongside our friends at TV5Monde to celebrate the launch of TV5Monde cinema on demand.

Our celebration is a good opportunity to underline TV5MONDE USA’s great success story. TV5MONDE has been available in the United States since 1998 and is now watched in more than 350,000 households in the U.S. alone! It has built key relationships with many distributors such as Comcast Cable. Today, the channel is offered nationwide, from New York to Los Angeles, in San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC, Houston and Chicago, to name a few. So TV5MONDE is now one of the most successful international channels in America. Please spread the word !

I would like to congratulate Yves Bigot, the head of TV5MONDE (and his predecessor), as well as our friend Patrice Courtaban, the U.S. director of TV5 Monde, and Jean Luc Cronel, the TV5 Monde Marketing manager, who have all been so committed to expanding the availability of TV5 and simultaneously bringing it to the forefront of the American market!

TV5Monde’s ability to adapt to local markets and audiences is outstanding. Here in the US, in 2012, they launched

Tivi5 Monde, the first ever French-language channel devoted to children’s programming in the U.S.

Tivi5MONDE offers a variety of programs including animation, educational shows and dramatic series targeting teens. I have two teenagers in my family, and I can tell you that they love it. French is ranked as the second most spoken and taught foreign-language in the country, and I believe it is essential to bring French language, its diversity and creativity, to children. Of course, TiVi5 Monde offers the same quality of programming as TV5Monde – that is to say the very best quality!

Tonight we celebrate another big step in the development of the channel: TV5Monde’s launch of Cinema On Demand. This is the first VOD platform in the US devoted to offering French-language movies. This new service demonstrates that TV5Monde is always in tune with the US Market and never fails to stay up to date with advances in the digital and audio-visual industries. TV5Monde now lets viewers watch films or series when they want, where they want.

I would also like to recognize Comcast and its vice president, Ruben Mendiola, who partnered with TV5 Monde for this important development, which shows tremendous adaptability to the new habits of the viewers and allows TV5Monde to expand its reach to a younger audience. The viewers can discover an average of 15 French-language films each month, from recent releases to timeless classics, all subtitled in English and available anytime on any device.

Chers amis, you can count on me and the Cultural services at the French Embassy - and they do a great job – to pursue our wonderful partnership with TV5 Monde in order to encourage and promote its development.

Un grand merci à tous !

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