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Publié le November 18, 2013
Statement by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic
Monaco, November 14, 2013

With Prince Albert’s authorization, I’m going to make a statement concerning the kidnapping of a priest, Father Georges Vandenbeusch, in northern Cameroon. He was abducted on the night of Wednesday to Thursday in an area that was already regarded as particularly dangerous for us, because it’s the same area where the Moulin-Fournier family was captured.

We’re doing everything to ensure that the priest can be found again and we can give him back his freedom. He was putting his faith into practice in a place he knew to be dangerous. He’d been warned about the risk. Even so, everything must and will be done to ensure he can be freed as soon as possible.

But I also want to ask all my compatriots living in or travelling around what I describe as a region now regarded as a high risk to do nothing that might endanger their lives or expose them to abduction.

But everyone here should know we’ll do everything – as for the other hostages – to free Father Georges Vandenbeusch./.