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Central African Republic

Publié le December 18, 2013
Press briefing given by M. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, following the Foreign Affairs Council (excerpts)
Paris, December 16, 2013


THE MINISTER – We talked about the Central African Republic, on the basis of the report that I made. France’s position was backed unanimously.

Europe is providing very significant humanitarian support. Moreover, a number of countries have already decided to provide logistical support.
Others will do still more, including direct military support, as we’ll see in the coming hours and days. The President will discuss the subject again during the European Council, which will take place at the end of this week. On the whole, France’s position on the Central African Republic received genuine support from everyone, and this support is concrete.

Q. – Which countries are going to support France?

THE MINISTER – A number of countries are committed logistically, by sending aircraft among other things: the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Spain. In due course I’ll talk about other countries which envisage providing not only logistical but also direct military support./.