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Twenty-second Ambassadors’ Conference/Latin America

Publié le August 29, 2014
Opening speech by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic
Paris, August 28, 2014


There’s another region of the world where we have to be even more active: Latin America. It’s a major hub. Our businesses have understood this perfectly well. They are investing there more. We must also cooperate on technology. I went to Brazil on a state visit at the end of last year. I went to Mexico at the start of 2014. I must say that what we established, with the Franco-Mexican Strategic Council, is an example to be followed for all major countries, particularly in Latin America: [it is about] involving not just diplomats and politicians – we can easily manage this – but also businesses, cultural players, key figures, those with a mutual friendship… This is the case between France and Mexico, in spite of or because of history.

We have transposed this model and I’ll be going to Argentina, Chile and Peru in 2015. (…)./.