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European Union/budget

Publié le October 9, 2014
Reply by M. Manuel Valls, Prime Minister, to a question in the National Assembly (excerpts)
Paris, October 7, 2014


France is not “the sick man of Europe”. I won’t reuse that term, which I also remember some people applying to Germany at the beginning of the noughties. (…)

Only a single Parliament (…) has to decide whether or not to approve France’s budget. The only Parliament, the only institution which has that right is the National Assembly! It’s the French Parliament! Never forget that.

I don’t see how you can say today – unless, once again, you’re giving credence to any old report – that France’s budget will be rejected. In any case, as the Finance Minister recalled again this morning, the European Commission has every right to make observations but it can’t reject a budget.

We believe that with the choices we’ve made to tell the truth about the deficit level and public spending, with the efforts we’re going to ask of the French people – €21 billion in 2015 – and with the choices we’re making for businesses and growth, this is the budget France needs. (…)./.