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Israeli-Palestinian conflict/New Year greetings to the diplomatic corps

Publié le January 21, 2015
Speech by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic
Paris, January 16, 2015


Finally, still in that region that has suffered so much, we also have Gaza, and what happened there last summer, which should lead us yet again to reflect upon the best way of putting an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Since April and the halting of the peace talks, the situation has deteriorated. There are the tragic events which occurred in Gaza. There is also escalation and there are risks of a flare-up. To avert those threats, France is determined to find a way forward because it has an unshakeable friendship with Israel and is also a friend of the Palestinian people.

We need to act swiftly. The two-state solution is the only possible solution. All agree on that. We must not allow it to slip away. The peace process has so often been started and, alas, so often left unfinished. The parties concerned are unable to bring it to a conclusion by themselves.

It is therefore our task to establish the parameters that are internationally known and acknowledged to arrive at a solution. That collective effort must be underpinned by an unchallengeable foundation, which can only be the United Nations Security Council. That is why France has wished to present, in the form of a resolution, a constructive approach based on consensus. France is still ready and willing to do so.