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Publié le February 9, 2015
Press conference given by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic (excerpts)
Paris, 5 February 2015


But peace is also threatened at Europe’s borders, in Ukraine. Yes, there’s a war in Ukraine. Heavy weapons are being used, civilians are being killed every day. Since 6 June 2014, France has been taking initiatives with Germany. Angela Merkel and I have done a great deal of work over the past few months, increased the number of appeals and spoken to everyone. We’ve managed to get progress made; it hasn’t been enough to stop the supporters of confrontation. Many sanctions have been adopted; they’ve had their effect but haven’t ended the hostilities.

So Angela Merkel and I decided to take a new initiative. We’re going to Kiev this afternoon. We’ll make a new proposal to resolve the conflict itself. It will be based on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and we’ll be discussing this with President Poroshenko today and the Russian President in Moscow on Friday, because time is short. It won’t be said that France and Germany, together, haven’t tried everything, undertaken everything, to protect peace. (…)./.