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European Council/energy policy/climate disruption

Publié le March 23, 2015
Press conference by M. François Hollande, President of the Republic (excerpts)
Brussels, March 19, 2015

I believe there was significant progress on energy union, because it was a process we’d wanted, and particularly in relation to the Paris Climate Conference. Even if we can make no direct link, it was important for Europe to be able to show what its energy policy was and will be.

Energy union means more security for Europe’s energy supplies, more efficiency in order to have a lower-carbon economy, and also more innovation to give impetus to renewable energy, increase investment and interconnections and ensure we can have a genuine energy market – i.e. common rules, even though there’s sovereignty for energy choices in each country. Common rules must be set, and the price of carbon must also be a benchmark for both businesses and households, in such a way that choices can be made in the long term, in the knowledge that the price of energy will be a factor which will mean that both businesses and households can make the choices most compatible with their interests and also those of the planet, and this has enabled Europe to present the EU’s contribution to the Climate Conference. I was happy to note that Europe – with Switzerland, I must say – is the first to be able to make its contribution now to the success of that conference. (…)