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The best French TV series available on VOD platforms

Publié le January 24, 2017
Here is a list of some of the best French TV series available on VOD (Video On Demand) platforms in the U.S. With themes like politic (A Very Secret Service and Marseille), sex (Borgia, Maison Close and Versailles), murder, suspense (Braquo, The Bureau and Witnesses), humor (Call my agent), and art, they are definitely worth a watch!


In June 1940, German military forces invade the fictional village of Villeneuve, along the French-Swiss border in the department (province) of Jura, France. The village is thrown in disarray by the occupying German military, which quickly takes control of all aspects of Villeneuve life, including the subjugation of the local government and police. During the invasion, many residents are either killed or wounded. The survivors attempt to rebuild from the carnage as they try to make sense of the German occupation and the new order that has descended upon their village.

Created by Frédéric Krivine, Philippe Triboit & Emmanuel Daucé.

Watch it on Mhz Choice.


In 1960, young André Merlaux eagerly accepts a cryptic summons to take a position as a trainee officer with the French Secret Services (based on the Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage). He will be watched over by the operations director Moïse, and reluctantly mentored by senior colleagues Moulinier (in charge of African affairs), Jacquard (Algeria), and Calot (Eastern Bloc). It is the height of the Cold War and the position of France as a Great Power is in crisis, as it struggles to maintain its African colonies, with the independence movement in Algeria becoming particularly troublesome.

Created by Jean-François Halin.

Watch it on Netflix.


Borgia is a French-German-Czech historical drama television series created by Tom Fontana. The show recounts the Borgia family’s rise to power and subsequent domination of the Papal States during the Renaissance.

Created by Tom Fontana.

Watch it on iTunes / Vudu / Amazon / Netflix.


Created by ex-policeman Olivier Marchal, Braquo is a hard-hitting crime thriller about a squad of Parisian cops who exist between the blurred boundaries of the law. Driven by adrenaline and a thirst for justice, they become what they had previously sworn to fight.

Created by Olivier Marchal.

Watch it on Amazon / Yahoo / Hulu.



The Bureau is based upon real accounts by former spies and inspired by contemporary events, and centres on the daily life and missions of agents within France’s Directorate-General for External Security, its principal external security service. It focuses on the "Bureau of Legends", responsible for training and handling deep-cover agents on long-term missions in areas with French interests, especially in North Africa and the Middle East. Living under false identities for years, these agents’ missions are to identify and recruit good intelligence sources.

Created by Éric Rochant.

Watch Season 1 on Sundance Now & iTunes.
Watch Season 2 on Sundance Now & iTunes.


Every day is like walking a tightrope for talent agents Mathias, Gabriel, Andrea and Arlette, striving to get contracts for prestigious clients like Cécile de France, Nathalie Baye and other top actors. When naive young Camille, actually Mathias’ illegitimate daughter, shows up in Paris pushing for a job, she leads us into the life of the agency and behind the scenes of the wild world of stardom. In the wake of the agency boss’ death, everyone has to pull together to stay afloat.

Created by Dominique Besnehard & Fanny Herero.

Watch it on Netflix.


When a huge marijuana shipment falls prey to thieves, the aftermath touches players from all ranks on the drug trade between Morocco and Europe.

Created by Hamid Hiloua.

Watch it on Netflix


The Churchmen is an intense drama about five young candidates for the priesthood who arrive at Paris’ Capuchin Seminary to begin their training. As they prepare to take their vows, each will see their commitment to the cross tested and whether they can withstand temptations from outside the seminary walls and from their own hidden passions.

Created by Bruno Nahon & David Elkaïm.

Seasons available on Netflix.


A police investigator is dealing with a life threatening illness, while trying to map out the spreading of a new synthetic drug that’s all the rage in Paris.

Created by Philippe Haïm.

Watch it on Netflix.


Paris, 1871. A troupe of gorgeous women, the ladies of an exclusive 19th century Parisian brothel, are trapped by circumstances beyond their control. This sumptuous and dark exploration of desire and power re-imagines age-old themes—and the world’s oldest profession—in revolutionary ways.

Created by Jacques Ouaniche.

Watch it on Hulu / Yahoo / iTunes / Vudu / Amazon.


After 20 years as mayor of Marseille, Robert Taro (Gérard Depardieu) enters into a war of succession with his former protégé turned rival Lucas Barres (Benoît Magimel). Both men are members of the "UPM" party, based on the centre-right UMP.

Created by Dan Franck.

Watch it on Netflix.


Early one morning, Dr. Alice Lambert gets up early to fix a bottle for Tara, her six-month old daughter. Suddenly, two gunshots ring out. Everything goes black. When Alice emerges from a coma a week later, a nightmarish reality awaits. Her husband was murdered and her baby is missing.

Based on the book written by Harlan Coben.

Watch it on Netflix.


In the near future, Middle East turmoil compromises oil production. The United States achieves energy independence and withdraws from NATO. Europe is suffering an energy crisis. A catastrophic hurricane, Hurricane Maria, fueled by climate change, devastates Norway, leading to the rise of the Norwegian Green Party. Prime Minister Jesper Berg, an idealistic politician with bold plans for thorium-based nuclear energy, cuts off all fossil fuel production. The EU, in desperation, asks Russia to initiate a velvet glove invasion of Norway.

Created by Jo Nesbø, Erik Skjoldbjærg & Karianne Lund.

Watch it on Amazon / iTunes / Netflix.



During a 24-hour period, the lives of extremely different characters from various levels of Parisian society intersect with each other. Among them: government officials, middle-class workers, a thief and a transgender singer. They are all interconnected whether they know it or not. By the end of the 24 hours the sun is rising over Paris again and each character reaches a turning point in their lives.

Written by Virginie Brac and directed by Gilles Banier.

Watch it on Mhz Choice.


In a small French Alpine village, a seemingly random collection of people return to their homes to be met with shock and confusion as they learn that they have all been dead for years.

Created by Fabrice Gobert.

Watch it on iTunes / Netflix / Amazon.


Spiral is about the men and women who work at the heart of the French judicial system. This Parisian cop thriller delves into the lives of the lawyers, judges, prosecutors and detectives who cross paths on cases that reveal the dregs of humanity. As reality spirals out of control for each character, the boundaries between private and professional life become blurred. Thanks to its heart-stopping suspense and constant tension, Spiral is a furiously-paced crime series.

Created by Alexandra Clert and Guy-Patrick Sainderichin.

Watch it on Hulu & Netflix.


Versailles, 1667. Haunted by the trauma of the Fronde, as the nobles of his court begin to rebel against the monarchy, 28-year-old Louis XIV, in a Machiavellian political move, decides to make the nobility submit by imposing a definitive move of the court from Paris to Versailles, his father’s former hunting lodge.

Created by Simon Mirren & David Wolstencroft.

Watch it on Netflix / Vudu / Amazon / iTunes.


Witnesses is set in the small coastal town of Le Tréport in northern France, where the bodies of murder victims are being unearthed and left for discovery. The former chief-of-police, Paul Maisonneuve, is implicated in the murders. Detectives Justin and Sandra investigate the case.

Created by Hervé Hadmar & Marc Herpoux.

Watch it on Amazon / iTunes / Netflix.

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