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Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Yves Le Drian to attend NATO summit

Publié le May 25, 2017
The French President, accompanied by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, will attend the meeting of NATO heads of state and government (Brussels - May 25, 2017).

This meeting will reaffirm the unity of the Alliance and the strength of the transatlantic relationship, as well as France’s resolve to implement the commitments taken at the Wales summit in 2014 on increasing defense spending and modernizing capacities. This commitment goes hand in hand with current initiatives on strengthening European defense.

The role that NATO can play in support of counterterrorism will also be discussed. France will mark its commitment alongside its allies by participating in the Enhanced Foreign Presence program both within NATO and outside of NATO, where France is on the front lines of the fight against terrorism, notably in Africa and the Levant.

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