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Support the restoration of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris

Publié le April 21, 2019

The tragic fire that broke out at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on the night of April 15, destroying two-thirds of the roof, including the spire, has sparked a wave of sympathy and emotion across the United States.

We have received innumerable messages from American citizens asking how they can help and contribute to the restoration of the cathedral that President Emmanuel Macron pledged France will ensure.

If you wish to support the restoration of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, you can make a donation to the Foundation du Patrimoine heritage fund for the cathedral’s reconstruction. The U.S.-based public charity Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris is also accepting donations from Americans to help rebuild the cathedral.

We are truly moved by all of the messages we have received. In the words of French Ambassador the United States Gérard Araud, "words cannot describe our loss," and we thank you for all of your thoughts and support.

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