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Ambassador Philippe Etienne visits Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk, VA

Publié le October 10, 2019
As NATO celebrates its 70th anniversary, this visit reaffirms the importance of the transatlantic bound. (October 7, 2019)

French Ambassador to the United States, Philippe Etienne, traveled to the NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Headquarters located in Norfolk, VA. This visit highlights the importance of the transatlantic bound as the Alliance celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Ambassador Etienne also met with the French military and civilian communities serving with the NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and expressed his support for the French military and their families. Then, he visited the Second Fleet of the United States, as well as the EFAN (Franco-American School) in Norfolk).

ACT is one of two Strategic Commands at the head of NATO’s military command structure. It is located in the United States and headed by the French General André Lanata. Dedicated to the adaptation of allied armies, ACT plays a key role in strengthening the transatlantic bound.

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