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Green Embassy Project at the Embassy of France

Mis à jour le December 20, 2013

In order to follow the directives given by the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has embarked on a process to set an example with respect to the sustainable development of its activities. This process focuses on three major objectives:
- adjusting everyday purchases in order to take sustainable development indicators into account;
- promoting environmentally friendly work practices
- and promoting the social responsibility of the State as an economic operator and employer.

The Embassy of France in Washington launched the Green Embassy Project in 2009. This project is based on two technical studies: a Bilan Carbone® (carbon footprint) as well as an energy audit; the results of these studies enabled us to identify weak points and to rank the various leveraging tools, allowing us to develop a real action plan for this project. This action plan focuses on the areas of transport, energy, waste, procurement, water and shipping and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half and reduce energy consumption by 40% by 2015.

The Green Embassy Project is therefore based on an ambitious program to renovate the building as well as on a process to optimize daily practices: a new heating and air conditioning control system has been installed, the electricity purchased is low carbon, the hot water temperature has been lowered, electric bikes have been made available to employees for their work-related trips, the sorting of waste has become standard, etc. The embassy is also developing a 10,000-square-foot green roof.

The Embassy continues to work tirelessly to implement measures in all areas in order to achieve the stated objectives.



Actions in detail

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